Why Aluminum Is Best For Fish And Ski Boats

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 9:08 am

Why Aluminum Is Best For Fish And Ski Boats
Fish and ski boats are the ultimate in versatility, but there are some key advantages when choosing aluminum over fiberglass. Cost, construction, upkeep and longevity are all factors that define an excellent watercraft. If you’re in the market for a new boat or currently own an aluminum boat, read on to learn why aluminum is the best there is for all your boating adventures.


One of the biggest deciding factors in purchasing a boat is cost and getting the best value for your money. The material cost of aluminum is more expensive then fibreglass pound for pound, but it takes more fiberglass to achieve the same strength as aluminum. It only takes 1,000 pounds of aluminum to equal the strength of 3,000 to 4,000 pounds of fibreglass. This means the cost of an aluminum hull will cost substantially less then a fiberglass hull of comparable strength.

The greatest cost advantage of aluminum boats is that they are lightweight with excellent strength. Having a lightweight hull means better fuel efficiency on the water and saving money upfront on a smaller motor. It also means aluminum boats can be towed with a smaller vehicle, giving you even more versatility and better fuel efficiency when trailering.


It’s important to know that your boat is built strong to last long. Aluminum is an excellent material for fish and ski boats because it is flexible and on impact can spring-back without breaking. Fiberglass on the other hand is more brittle and tends to crack on impact. When comparing a fiberglass vs aluminum boat, aluminum hulls are fire proof unlike fiberglass ones which contain flammable resins.

The production techniques for aluminum boats have gotten more advanced over the years. With the use of 3D CAD software and computer-controlled cutting, hull pieces can be quickly cut with greater precision. This has brought the cost of manufacturing closer to that of fiberglass boats. Aluminum boat construction is also more environmentally conscious because fiberglass production involves volatile solvents and resins that require strict air-quality control.


Who doesn’t want a boat that needs little maintenance? Although all boats require maintenance it’s a relief to know your boat will stand up against the elements. Aluminum boats have the ability travel through rockier, swallower rivers that fiberglass boats can’t go down because they aren’t impact resistant. Dents do appear on aluminum fishing boats but they can be easily pounded out. For more severe damage a portion of the hull can be cut out and patched up as if the damage never happened.


Aluminum fish and ski boats truly are an investment and it’s reassuring to know that your boat will hold its value for years to come. The durability of aluminum hulls mean that they don’t deteriorate over time when they are properly cared for. Impact and stress from the sun on fiberglass boats can cause cracks which deteriorate the boats strength over time.  

Most boat buyers know their boat is the one for them but it’s important to know its resale value. All the advantages in durability, solid construction and low maintenance costs help give your boat a better resale value in the future. The resale market shows that fiberglass boats don’t hold their value as well as aluminum boats do.

Aluminum fish and ski boats give boaters reassurance that they're lightweight but strong watercraft is constructed to last their family a lifetime of memories.